4 Stories: Color

We are feeling so much better!

Thank you all for your well wishes!

Here are my latest 4 Stories...this week's theme is on color...here we go!

1. My car is a target

Growing up, my parents always ended up buying vehicles that were RED... This went on for years without me really putting much thought into it...until I started driving myself...and my parents got a new car for me to drive...which was of course-RED. One day...realizing that all our cars held this one commonality, I asked my dad for the reasoning...his response??? "Well, my cars are always red so everyone can see them coming...there like targets...on wheels..." Ummm..awesome so when somebody hits me...I can blame it on the color?!?!

2. What's behind a rose?

Ya know how almost every woman has a favorite flower!?!?!...and how each woman usually has a favorite color in said flower?!?! Well, when I was in my early teens my grandmother asked me one day what my favorite flower was...and I told her (at the time) it was a rose..."What color rose?" she asked. Well, (again, at the time) my favorite rose was Yellow ..."Do you know what that means?" she asked me... "Means?" I was confused...."Every color rose has a different meaning," shared my grandma...Hmmm, I had never heard that so she went on to say that yellow was for friendship, red for love, white was for secrets and so on (can't remember the rest)...pretty neat I thought...

3. As a child

....My favorite color was purple...How do I remember what my favorite color was from when I was like 5 years old??? Well, I have a documented circumstance that memorializes my favorite color for all times...I broke my arm on the first day of 1st grade...and the color I HAD TO HAVE my cast...yes, it was purple...bright, traffic stopping, purple! Uggghhhh...Awesome...and I have all the embarrasing (and flourescent) pictures to prove it...

4. I wish I could wrap my head around it...

...But for some reason I cannot get myself to wear anything (hardly) in white!!! What the heck!?!?! It is an awesome color, and goes really well on dark complected people like me, but for some reason I always seem to subconsciously avoid it...Weird...This is probably a good thing now since I have two kiddos and lots of messes...black can cover a multitude of messes! lol. Big thumbs up to all you ladies (and men) who actually do wear this color and wear it well...I am going to have to work this in somewhere....

Hope you all enjoyed this week's 4 Stories! I want to hear your stories as well!!!! Remember, this segment I am doing I got from FreckledNest...so to find out how to give credit (if you do the 4 stories) go here to her sight to get the info!!!!

I am so excited for tomorrow!!! Me and the Mr. are going out (ALONE, Shock!!!) for a couple of hours to scope out a couple new vintage shops and grab a cup of coffee ....I can't wait!!! We rarely get time together like this anymore so these moments are cherished ♥ Plus are 3rd anniversary is on Saturday...so double fist pump (lol) for us....I ♥ you Mr.!!!

Hope you all had a great Monday!


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A "cheery" disposition said...

white is a great color. but wearing in color at all is great. so many are afraid of color so good for you for liking bright colors.