Oh Sunday...what I like about you

What a nice cozy Sunday it is, over my way! Though I am a sucker for some sunshine, I love it when the weather is grey and overcast and when the rain comes in big, barrelling drops. Makes me want to whip up a frothy mug of tea and surround myself with books and my computer (of course).  As a matter of fact....I think I'll go make a mug of tea right now....I'll be right back!

.....Ok....mmmmm...chai tea, perfect!

Like I was saying, I love the weather today, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon. My Saturday was quite lovely as well. The Mr. and I went on our first date...well since at least January haha and our first since we've been in our house. We went to a few little shops in town and then we went to this "quaint" steak house where almost everything on the menu was steak...no really. That might sound normal to most people, but before we arrived at the restaurant, we had made a pact to try something we had never eaten before ahaha...see the dilemma? Yes, well lucky for us, they did manage to have grilled fish so I opted for the grilled salmon (which I have actually never had grilled, only baked) and a baked sweet potatoe, also something I have never eaten. The Mr. ordered grilled tuna and we stayed true to the pact...but at first menu glance we thought we were going to have to eat steak haha. Then. after dinner, we went to see a movie.

In all it was a nice little break from the kiddos, and we were able to just hang out for a bit...like old times.

The Mr. got me the add on packets for my Hipsta a couple of days ago...and I have been playing with it ever since ♥

...see what I mean?

yep! I'm addicted, and it is soo ok. ♥

How are you spending your lazy Sunday?

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