I Love Thursdays: The Rain Chronicles

Well, when I mentioned the other day that I loved this kind of rainy weather I didn't mean I wanted it to drown the entire state until boats were the only means of plausible transportation. Ha! Next time I'm just going to keep my mouth shut so as to not jinx the universe....as you can see it was still raining all day today...

 at least my flowers are enjoying it....

Oh! Speaking of flowers.....the Mr. brought home these beauties for me a couple of days ago...isn't that sweet♡

....and this jar (which luca used to house a lizard for about 20 min.)
was filled this morning when I woke up.

With all the rain, we have had to improvise our activities...
 ...we rock in chairs like old men with pipes on front porches...
 ...yeah ok, and watched some tv...

 ...ate our marshmellows like we wanted to...on a stick, thank you

 ...and even I joined in the fun...
...took a bunch of random pictures, because we could...
and had a picnic in bed....♡

What have you had to adjust in this week's schedule to accommodate the weather?
SO....since we, here on the east coast, are practically floating away. I thought it would be fitting to theme this I Love Thursday  Edition: "Oh Soaked"
grab a towel and let's get started!

though these would not hold the rain...JenniferMorrisPhoto really captures that rainy feel in this print
oh yesss...! even rain-wear for baby by MeggieLiz
I love these boots in this rain-esque photograph by Beautifuldayto
and who says our laptops can't stay chic even in rainy weather???
Hopefully the weather will clear up by tomorrow, even though I did love it for a little while.
Then maybe some cooler weather will come our way!
If not, I hope you have room for me and the kiddos in your boat!
Ahoy Matey!

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