I Love Thursdays: Who "Got the Boot"?

Who loves Thursdays???????

Yep, that's right! I do....lol

Hope everyone is having an awesome week so far...and tomorrow TGIF woohoo (for the workers out there).

I have been really feeling the boot selections this year (as I am an avid boot wearer and supporter lol) so this week I decided to do:

"Got the Boot" Week  (haha)

ummmm...yes please♥ (spirocreations).

ok, yeah, I know these aren't technically boots...but I'm dying over these
leg warmers by Vings.

...and oh yes, I would add some vintage by tharpstout...

What?!? Ankle boots with studs AND bling...I just died (dearbearcat).

very Euro-grunge, no? I dig your style mykashoes...

Well, Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow and an awesome weekend...What better way to start fall off then with a little fall footwear retail therapy? ( k, that was a mouthful )! I say...these boots can come walking to my closet any day...but that's just me.

The Mr. and I will be having my grandmother come to visit from Texas for a week...They have come to see the babe...but who could blame them, right lol...

So...how will you be spending your first days of fall?


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Sera Pie said...

Ohhh, boots! I love fall-- in part because of all the cute boots!