Let's Go-Go

Today is going to be a little hectic....

We hav to go out of town for a funeral :(

....So off Luca goes to his Abuela's...or as he has dubbed her, "Ella"

...as he waves mommy goodbye...trust me, he is not upset to be
going to "Ella's"...he may not want to come back actually.

I have been so enjoying the recent weather....we took advantage of it at spent some time outside, rolling in the grass, playing and yes, I snagged some pics :)

Here's a couple...

 there's nothing like laying in the shade ...
 he agrees :)
...oh yes, he is a flower child

Hope everyone has an extra special day...even though, here, it is not the sunny weather of the past few days. Get out and do something fun! .....and then tell me about it...I would really love to hear your stories.


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