....when you thought I'd never return....

SooooooO...good to be back!!!!

I just realized that it has been two plus months since I have written a single blog!!! How terrible :(

Well, I will say, I did have a fabulous excuse...The Mr. and I finally (and I mean FINALLY) got to meet our little bird on August 2nd! The reprieve, though unfortunate, is the direct result of feeding, burping, changing diapers and chasing around a two year old.

Welcome to the world Canaan!

Now that I have the "Why" behind my little disappearing act explained, we can get into some new business.
What better day to begin blogging than on "I LOVE THURSDAYS" ? I could think of no better time. So, let's get started shall we?

First of all, no one does a jump suit like Gucci oh.my.goodness!

I'll take one of these in every color...by LoveandKnit . Just in time for cool weather too!

This bag is too major for words! I love all of GetReadySetGO 's bags! What's more...olive is one of my fave colors....I'm having a bag CRUSH.

cocoricooo should be every indie girl's obsession! This green smock is on my hit list!

FYI alba is my secret skin care weapon for all you skin conscious people out there!

I couldn't finish out this Thurday's "episode" without a truly to-die-for pair of heals...and iloveswift couldn't have done a better job with these ultra-chic peacock heals....

It feels so GREAT to be able to get back to blogging again! I hope that my newest addition doesn't entirely keep me too busy to post somewhat regularly!

Hope everyone in "Blog Land" is fairing well....and blogging happily :)

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