Vacation from my weekend, please

Whew, just thinking about this past weekend makes me want to run to my bed and sleep for a-LOng-TIME! Where do I begin, even?

Well, my dad came back into town last Tuesday night from his current job in Maryland, and by Friday we had plans to set out on a little trip, just the 3 of us buds-me, dad and Luca. Let me say that this little trip was one of the most fantastical things I have done in a long time! It was even that it was this great fun packed adventure, but I was able to just relax, spend time with my fave guys and just de-stress.

What did we do, you ask? Well, after a small, but yummy, breakfast we walked along some shops near the restaurant. There was a farmer's type shop around the corner and Luca was fascinated by these baby chicks.
how much is those chicks in the window?

when we made it back to the car, I happened to spot a bird motel and just had to snag a pic! I wonder if they have a presedential suite?

Awww...at one of our stops there was this huge bush filled with these flowers and my dad picked one for me! Yes, I am a lucky girl!

Ha, and finally, on our way back we spotted this Hemi-powered world' largest (I think) grocery cart...and I'm not sure what I think about it....but I did take a picture so......?

Saturday was Luca's 2nd birthday so, of course, we celebrated in a big way! I snagged a pic of him holding the cherished balloon my mom bought for him.
Here's the birthday boy cheezin it up for the camera....he is soooo my child (giggle)
Here he is in his birthday outfit...recognize the vest from an earlier post? This is the one I made for him. I am sooo glad it still fit! This was one of his birthday gifts so I was hoping he didn't outgrow it before he got it.
Oh my GOODNESS!!! I love him so MUCH!
He got a rocking chair too! This was my rocking chair when I was his age...so we cleaned it up and passed it down to him...I hope he has as much fun with it as I did at his age! Plus, it has history.
Oh yes I did! I had to take a pic of the date...it's SO important!
...and there was cake...lots of homemade chocolate Diego cake...courtesy of  the hubby...he did a great job huh!
...did I mention there was lots of cake EATING as well?!?!?
The cake was so cute, I got a close-up :)

I made him a bookbag for his birthday too, and he immediately filled it with cars, books and anything else he could find! I used an old tshirt of Jason's that he was going to throw out (but of course I couldn't let that happen). The bookbag only took about 30 minutes to make, and I was considering making a tutorial for it since it is so simple...

In all, Luca had a great birthday...he was still carrying the balloon around all day long, if that says anything :) I just can't believe I have had him in my life for two years already!

Finally, on Sunday we had several (as in 8!) family members from Texas arrive for vacation...so the whole day was dedicated to eating playing Farkle (funny game) and just spending time together....and you know how tiring that can be for a pregnant chick!!! Especially when you're having as much fun as I was. I could have used an extra hour or two of sleep this morning!

How about you? How did you spend your weekend? I would love to hear about it!

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