Monday Mayhem

I am very pregnant.

I am trying not to be miserable.

I have a great husband.

He understands when I am about to lose my mind.

He makes me do something about it.

So this weekend I/we :

took a little ride (all by myself) haha....it's been a while
...went to a festival equipped with snow cones and prizes.
Luca banked and that made me very happy.

....got to watch the mr. ride a very rowdy mechanical bull,
and, for his sake, didn't post any of the pics I took of him
actually riding or clinging to said bull :) this also made me very happy

The festival was held locally and the sponsors somehow contributed so much that
all the food, rides, games and attractions were free! This made me and the mr. very happy!

Needless to say, it was 900 degrees outside and I only ended up lasting
about an hour and a half before I was completely wiped.

With my pregnancy causing me to count down the days, hours and minutes until this little bird graces
me with his presence, I felt the need to make a list. Lists are great and they help me organize my thoughts and even my emotions-puts things into perspective.

here's a list of things I am looking forward to:

un-pregnancy (yes, I made this word up)
turning a new chapter
potty training being over
breastfeeding ( I'm not crazy, its the most empowering thing ever)
the mr. finding his dream job and seeing how happy that will make him
meeting the bird
picking strawberries
making the last few finishing touches for the bird's room
finding my luca the perfect preschool ( even if I have to take a boat to get him there- duplin, samspson I'm not impressed)
finally getting to introduce luca to his baby brother
retro movie theater nights with the hubby
adding more vintage cameras to my collection at the right price

I'm sure I could go on, and on, and on...but I won't. This list was great! I have to be honest, I have been too bummed and ultra pregnant to even want to blog, and that is scary because I really do love this space. I sometimes seem to forget that blogging, for me, is very therapeutic and I should stick to it better than I have lately. My word of advice for the day: if you're feeling a little down, or out of sorts-just not sure what your perspective is...make a list or at least write about it....it doesn't have to be in a blog, it could be in a journal or heck, a napkin- just get it out and visible. It's fail proof (mostly) and you can see what you truly should be happy about and what your next steps should be.

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