Hipstamatic is so Hip-sta

For  the past week or so I have been completely addicted to Hipstamatic . I first read learned about it here , at pugly pixel, which also happens to be one of my favorite sites. On her site, Katrina does somewhat of a tutorial on the different features that the Hipstamatic app has to offer. Her guides were helpful and I have had so much fun playing around with it! I love how all the pics have that old, weathered, been-in-the-photo album-too-long look going on. I am loving it so much I decided to do a digi-scrapbook page documenting some of the pics I've recently taken with my Hipstamatic....

The internet has tons of digital scrapbooking resources and many are free- like the page above. I got the downloads from pugly pixel and shimelle. Both of these ladies have free downloads on their sites that help spruce up your pics! Yes, and of course you will be subjected to endless picture sprucing from me now that I have some awesome designs and clip art to work with. Hope you all enjoy the free stuff...it was too fab a discovery to not tell you all about! Hope you all had a great day today....Or should I say yesterday (hehe I'm a night owl)...AHHHHHH it's Hump Day already!!!!! Well, here's wishing you all a very wonderful Wednesday !

PS- I am still working on the site...aesthetically that is, it is coming along slowly, but I am no design queen so a 30 minute job takes me like a day, which in mommy language, that a the amount of time not spent with my child....so that could be a week hahaha, no really, I am learning a lot and learning as I go. Some things I already knew, some things are like hieroglyphics. Hopefully you will like the changes....I do, but it is my brainchild after all. Let me know what you think....and if it's harsh, yes I may cry, delete it all and start from scratch (I' so serious) but I won't know if it's good or bad any other way..so be honest...I like to hear your opinions!

<3 Elena


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