Treasure Hunting

It's true. I really do, and today my hunny did the nicest thing one could do for me...he took me to a thrift store!  A little place 5 minutes from my house in a primarily nowhere town, this little shop was a gem! To add to the shops character, the owner, a sweet lady, was absolutely a doll! Sadly, the shop will be closing at the end of the month, but we found some amazing things! I got a steal on some old vintage linens and the man found a cute glass box to display his great-grandmother's hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, stone carved monkeys circa 1939! Thursday we are picking up a couple of vintage chairs, a 50's japanese tea set and whatever else I can snatch up (giggle).

ps. The tape graphics as well as the graphics below came from one of my favorite sites- pugly pixel

I even got to try it out today! We had a little dinner party tonight as my mom and brother came over and I did my other favorite thing- made a baked dish!!! It was great and the cloth was the perfect centerpiece, along with the gorgeous flowers my hunny picked for me of course :)

I can't stop raving about this shop! It was such a chill place, I think I could have stayed there forever...even Jason said he had a good time- which for a guy, shopping is only going to be so fun, so I was thoroughly pleased.

Check back on Thursday and I will probably have pics of the other items I will be picking up...don't forget about I LOVE THURSDAY either-of course!

<3 Elena

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