Weekend Adventures

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and all the mothers a wonderful Mother's Day.

At my house, it has been a very busy weekend...well week truly but the weekend didn't slow down a bit either. I had been wanting to visit our local stock yard or flea market for the past few weeks, so on Saturday I had a special treat! My dad, brother, Jason, Luca and I loaded and and drove down to the stock yard to see what we could see. Though I grew up here, I had not really been an frequent visitor to the market as I think the last time I was there I was around 11 or so and needless to say, I had no idea what to expect. Though we were struggling a little because forgetful me didn't remember to bring the stroller, I was shocked at the size, selection and beauty of the rows or produce from some of the vendors. I truly have never seen such large grapes, fat mangos or such impressive bundles of bananas. There were also furniture vendors, nick-nacks and just about anything you could ever think of....I was in heaven! My dad and brother stood drooling over one vendor's wares, as he had a huge selection of antique tools. They even had baby chicks and bunniesfor sale?!?  I took a few pics...not nearly as many as I would have like, but some people seemed wary of my camera so I snapped a pic here and there where I felt vendors didn't mind.

 here's a shot of a row of vendors
 Luca was saying hello to the baby chicks
 So adorable....sad that they're caged up like that though
 caught a pic of these to bunnies trying to get some shade
 look at all the nic-nacs! PS- notice the scary life-size doll in the right-hand corner?--Eeek!

My little fam was able to spend some time with my mom, dad and brother this weekend as well. Jason helped my dad with his latest project and Luca and I palled around with my mom. We spent much of the time out-of-doors and I couldn't resist taking a snapshot of my mom's roses! I thought they were so wild and beautiful they just deserved a picture.

here's a close-up of one! So pretty in its timid pink palor.

On another note, I have been working into the night on shop stuff all weekend and am very excited about what's to come! I have business cards planned for the near future, I created a twitter for the shop you can find here  ( check it out and follow to get updates on merchandise, etc.), and just working on all the little details that comes along with starting up a business. There's a lot left to be done, but I'm knocking it out bit by bit. I also created a button on this blog's front page that will take you directly to my Etsy shop as well, check it out!

Hope you all are geared up for the week! I will be back throughout the week with my little ventures, shop updates and plenty more to help entertain you!

<3 Elena

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