" Good At Being Gone"

Immmmmm Baaaaaaackkkkkk!!!

Hello my blogger friends! I have to say, first of all, I have missed writing in this space, and just getting to interact with all the bloggers in blogger-land. As you all probably know, the reason for my hiatus, was first the flu bug that hit my little family, and then more recently my husband was placed in the hospital with blood clots in both of his lungs. It has been a rough and crazy few weeks, but we have been so blessed with good friends and family that have been there to step in and get their hands dirty to help get us through this time. For those of you who did this, you know who you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly would have fried without all of your help. Jason is doing much, much better, though he is going to be on a lot of different medicines for a long time to come. He is here, nonetheless, and that is truly all that matters.

My little Luca's birthday is this coming weekend, June 12th, and I am going to be busy whipping up some awesome, crafty gifts for him.

(isn't he a cutie....)

I already blogged awhile back about the vest I made for his birthday, but I am also going to make this and probably a couple of other little things to go inside! I cannot believe he will be two years old! I feel like I just had him swaddled in a blanket in my arms.....and in a few weeks I have the newest bundle swaddled in my arms...time passes so quickly and things change in what seems more like winks than stages.

So while Jason was in the hospital, our garden didn't stop growing, needing water, weeding, etc. Luckily, there has been so much rain lately that none of our plants needed to watered (by us) the whole time we were in the hospital. AWESOME! THe weeding on the other hand...well you can't have everything. The rain, however, acted like the most potent fertilizer I have ever seen and turned our zucchini into giant food! Of course I wouldn't believe it either, so I have proof!

this is from just one day of picking...since this pic was taken...we've picked the garden 3 more times!!
here's my dad posing with one of the biggest zucchini!!!
...its overgrown!!!!

Yes I know some of the zucchini is larger than they should generally be, but because we were gone for more than a week, we didn't have the opportunity to pick them before they got too big....they are still good, its just when you let them get too big the zucchini can taste a bit bland. THe trick is to cook these in a casserole or pasta that has other flavors so that the zucchini can enhance as well as take on the additional flavors.

Along with my blogging hiatus I have also had a vacation from doing much with my etsy shop...this makes me sad....but within the next week I am hoping to finish a couple of projects to add to my shop ....thank you all for being patient with me in that regard as well....I know how frustrating it is to look for new items only to see the same things over and over again....but fear not! I have plans in motion for my next items and I hope that you all will be pleased with them...and the new photography....what??!!?? shhhhhhh! I didn't say that ...hahaha Gotta keep you all in some kind of suspense, right?!

<3 Elena

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