Monday: Business As Usual

It's just business as usual......

Wow! I cannot believe it is Monday already...and to think I don't feel nearly as rested and refreshed as I wish I did. The more pregnant I get the more sluggish I feel, seems I had forgotten that bit since the last time. All things considered, I had a great weekend...which is WHY I feel as tired as I do. I was on the move the whole time and hardly had a minute's rest. To top it off, I had a great visit with one of my dearest friends and between the two of us we decided to make it a crafting/experimenting "party". I haven't laughed so much in a long while and it was fun to chat, sip coffee and simultaneously scratch our heads when we just couldn't figure out what we were doing (project wise).

What were we doing you ask?
Well, we spent the better part of Friday trying out screen printing using freezer paper-for the first time. Haha, there were many glitches, paused intervals and plenty of "How the heck do you do this?" Needless to say, we finally, or should I say, she finally figured it out and thankfully she helped me and we were able to finish our projects...though I didn't completely finish mine until Saturday morning. Yes, I did stop long enough to sleep haha. But I did have to MAKE the vest I was screen printing before I could actually do any priniting so that was my biggest delay. Here is how the vest and the print turned out:

This little number is for my little one's upcoming birthday. I've decided to make him a few things as well as maybe a couple purchased items. I think it's important that he (eventually) learns that you don't have to BUY everything and that there is value in things that are made by your own hands. The material I used for the vest was is a medium weight linen repurposed from an old curtain. It's kind of got a safari feel to it...and since he is in LOVE with Diego I think he will like it.

Yesterday we took Luca on his first ever visit for ice cream at Baskin Robins....I think he liked it.....

What was your weekend like? Hope it was wonderfully fulfilling! 

PS- Jason found the rabbit that had been nosing around the garden (until we put the fence around it)...needless to say, it met its maker, was skinned, and eaten (by Jason...ewwww) for lunch...pictures were taken but I don't want to gross anyone out with the details. Suffice it to say, the deed was done and you don't want to see the evidence...yuck!  Hah and I'm sure he feels like a rugged caveman right now...the Gieco commercial comes to mind.....

<3 Elena

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