Vintage Inspiration & I Love Thursday...

I'm back! Hello all. I have been busy with Dr.'s appointments, family time and, per doctor's orders, a little bit of extra rest....it's killing me I'm sure. Between all that though, I did manage to take about 15-20 minutes out of the day yesterday-while I was simultaneously cooking dinner haha no fires I promise- to whip up a set of vintage inspired napkin holders to match those new, upcycled napkins I made the other week. Literally I only spent at tops 20 minutes on these things but I think they are simple and cute. It is amazing what a little fabric, stamps and hot glue can accomplish. I'm guessing you want to see a picture? Why of course, I though I would snag a shot of these puppies so yo all could see, and if you seem interested, I could whip up a little tutorial on how to make them...but if that's what you want you have to let me know.

I am totally loving  this table runner by Kainkain

Love, love, love these little birds via circlelinestudio

Cutest buttons EVER !-BarrelOfMonkeys

Who doesn't love a fabulous leather cuff like this one from MuseBelts

Rare & Vintage Japanese stamps ? Yes, please!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week...it's almost the weekend!!!! I will be returning to my secret project with full force this weekend, or actually tomorrow probably, and I can't wait to finish it so that I can FINALLY share it with you all. It is SO hard to keep a secret from you guys...especially one of this calliber (for me anyway).

Oh! on a green note....all you coastal dwellers...the Farmer's Market is back up and running for the season!!! Yay!!! If you have never visited the Wilmington Farmer's Market or want to know the times....I have provided the link here . Enjoy!

<3 Elena

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