Granola, Gardening and Good Mornings

What a beautiful day!

This morning, while my little man was eating his breakfast, I went out to my newly created flower bed to water my flowers. On his day off, my wonderful husband took the time out of the things he wanted to get done, to make me a flower bed that I could cultivate and care for flowers of my own-for the very first time. Since we have always lived in apartments (while we have been together) We have had neither the space or the grass for that matter, to be able to much more than a hanging plant or two. Now don't get me wrong, hanging plants are beautiful too, but there is nothing like going outside and digging in the dirt, for that, there is really no substitute. In my little garden I have Vinca, French and African Marigolds, Petunias, Begonias and Impatients all in very bright and very different colors ranging from orange/yellow to pink and violet. I am in love!

PS, cut me some slack this is my first garden, so if it does not look that impressive (and it may not, hehe) that is because I am still "learning".

Anyway, back to the morning. When I stepped out onto the back porch the cool breeze met me with a refreshing swirl and blew my hair just a tad. Though it was a little cloudy, the sun peeked through just a little here and there and it was absolutely beautiful. A couple hours later, Luca (my son) and I went out under the canopy and just sat for a bit enjoying the morning.

I have always loved to bake. If I had to choose between actual cooking or baking I would pick baking hands down. Since I have a huge (to me) kitchen now, I can take advantage of my oven and I have been baking up a storm. Yesterday I baked 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies :) which my son really appreciated haha, and I stored them in my new cookie jar (which I finally purchased).

Today, as I type, I am patiently waiting for the last batch of homemade granola to finish baking. Now, anyone who knows me, understands my love of granola. I eat it with milk, I eat it with yogurt (my favorite is peach yogurt), I even eat it by itself. Recently, I found a recipe for homemade granola on another blog, Turkeycookies and nearly screamed in delight. It is fun, easy and SUPER delicious, in fact, I just had a small bowl with yogurt mmmmmm!

Ok, here is a pic of the little wallet/clutch I mentioned I was in the process of making in a previous post.

I have to give credit to my friend Bonnie over at refinedlenses for the idea for this little nugget. Though hers are a bit different (my doesn't have zippers and I think mine is smaller) I first saw a handmade wallet/clutch while at a painting party at her house. Her's a a little more polished too b/c she has a sewing machine, mine was all hand sewn, but nonetheless, for my first time, I think it turned out quite well!

Well, I am off to jar up my granola, now that the last batch has just made its way out of the oven. My little one is sleeping, but when he wakes, I think we'll take another walk outside, then I am going to try and get some work on my secret project :) can't wait for it to be finished so that I can share it with you!!

<3 Elena

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