Lemonade- Minus the Stand

Good morning again my blogging world!

I hope that you all are well, and that the weather, wherever you are, is mild, spring-like and beautiful!

I have had a small delay in my blogging as I have not been feeling very well the past few days. I hit the 6 month mark and I am sure that there is some correlation. Pregnancy is beautiful, but trying sometimes and this pregnancy in particular, has been much different from my first. So it is.

Yesterday was a bit crazy, I think Luca and I were both tired and cranky so you can imagine how much fun we were to be around (he he) Regardless, there were things to be done! It was my day of cleaning, and I was not as willing to complete my tasks as I usually am. Ever get one of those days when you just feel like you're dragging?- That was my yesterday. Oh well, I did manage to get a couple things done that I have been tinkering away in my head about. Oh, and I made homemade lemonade! This is one of my latest favorite things to make-AND drink ha ha. Here's my evidence:
Want to know how I make it?

I half 6 lemons (shown in the picture) and use a juicer to squeeze all the juice out...make sure you get all the seeds out of the juice. Then I put 2 cups of sugar into a 3 qt. pitcher (for a gallon pitcher you can put 3-4 cups of sugar,depending on how sweet you want it), add the juice from the lemons and then I fill the rest of the pitcher with cold water, stirring the contents as it fills. Viola! Lemonade is served.

So as I said a few days ago, are garden "patch" is ready for planting...and I believe I said I would post some pics as well. Here are a couple pics I took of my husband and the neighbor's laborious handywork...


They dug this patch out with their own hands...no tiller was used!!! Talk about "man"power haha. I was very impressed, and grateful...I will especially be grateful when I have fresh veggies for cooking!

Every year where I live we have a festival around the first or second week of April. The festival is a celebration of springtime and the showcase is the Azaleas. This is the 4th consecutive festival that my husband and I have attended (together) and it has become somewhat of a tradition, though in the past for years I have attended the festival pregnant twice haha. Each year it seems our entourage grows a little bit larger...next festival there will be four of us...in a double stroller-Ay!
 The street fair portion of the festival lines the streets of the river front with vendors of all sorts from all over the country. There are jewelry vendors, native american heritage vendors, food vendors galore, hammock vendors-I swear I'm getting one next year!, nick-nacks-the list goes on. This is my favorite part. Last year, one vendor in particular caught our eye. Jason and I are both lovers of Asian art, and last year there was a very interesting booth that showcased asian watercolor prints all hand-painted by a very old very friendly asian gentleman. Though he didnt speak much English (his children didnt either but we managed) we were able to buy a very nice, very attractive piece. This year, to our delight, the son was back, selling the prints for his father! We were beside ourselves because we had been hoping and practically salivating at the opportunity to add another piece to our collection. This year we bought a larger piece, and for an unbelievably good price- I almost felt like we were robbing the guy. The print is of cherry blossoms and the size was a perfect fit for covering up the electric pannel in our hallway. I had been trying to find a creative way to cover the pannel since we moved in and I am happy that the painting did the trick.

I know the pic is a little dark, but since it is in my hallway the lighting is low.

Did I mention that I have been wanting to make napkins? Well if I haven't, this project has been on my olong list of things I want to try for a while. Last night I was able to finish the appliques to each napkin and all that is left is to seam up the sides of each napkin. I used an old curtain pannel bought from a thrift store for .59 cents as my napkin material, and I had some scrap material from a fat quarter that I used for the appliques. I made 3 full sized napkins and a mini one for the baby...haha I know that's a little silly but I didn't want to leave anyone out!

I am excted with how they turned out!!

Well, today is going to be crazy again...Today is my grandfather's 95th birthday!!!! Luca and I are going to visit him in the hospital...he recently had a fall and broke his hip so he is recovering from surgery. Then, maybe tonight I can finish up my napkins. Have a great day everyone!

<3 Elena

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