Growing: Oh the Ways

Whew! What a day it has been!! Since I have moved to the middle of nowhere, I cannot be more surprised to find that I am busier now than I ever was living in the city....who knew? In the morning, on certain lazy days, if that even really exists, I cycle through the possibilities for the day, trying to decide what I can do. By the end of the day, I fall onto the couch like a sack of potatoes, because I have far exceeded my activity list for the day.

Like today for instance, I woke up, did my usual routine-ish stuff, then by 11 or so I decided to meander over to my parents house to see what my dad was doing, seeing as it being Saturday, he hadn't called me by then. ( I also had a special project I needed some assisstance with, or rather materials for,  which I will tell you all about later) so I managed to get two things done at once. I ended up spending several hours over at my parents where my time was filled with inspecting my dad's new, handmade office desk made from repurposed materials (and is beautiful), eating lunch, uprooting some new plum tree sprouts from their yard for transplanting and weeding my mom's rose garden. Not to mention, gathering up the materials for my special project...putting up a clothes line!!!! Then my dad talked us (my brother, Luca and I) into going to town so off we went to Lowe's for.....I'm not even sure haha. I ended up with some more beautiful petunias for some of my flower pots....compliments of dad. Anyway, I finally made it back home, planted the plum tree sprouts and the petunias just in time for Jason to come home----with the plants for our veggie garden!!!! So we, well mainly he, spent nearly the rest of daylight planting, fertilizing and watering the plants.

Oh how exciting!!! Look at him go...such a handy hubby I have!

*************On a different note*************

In my last post I mentioned that it was my grandfather's 95th birthday. So to celebrate the festivity of the day, Luca and I took a little drive to the hospital where he is currently being kept. When we got there he was sleeping away but with some effort my mom was able to wake him just long enough for him to eat a little lunch, open some presents and for me to snap a couple pictures.
Happy Birthday Grandpa!

I have had my little flower garden for a few weeks now and I am so pleased with how everything is "growing"! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep anything alive for very long and that the money we put into it would be wasted. Well, so far so good, and this morning I was greeted brightly by a flower "menegerie" of sorts .....what a wonderful way to start my unexpectedly busy day! These are a few of my brightly growing, little treasures:

Hope they make you smile as much as they do me :)

Well, off to relax now a little...it has been quite a long day...I will probably curl up with a good book and a mug of hot tea....Oh! and I have to do a little research for a project I am making for a friend soon....Good night all....sweet dreams.

<3 Elena

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