What's Your Favorite Color: Mine is Green

There have been several changes around the McCoy household over the past weeks. Though small, they will hopefully, and I feel they already have, make a large impact both in health and in wellbeing. One of the larger changes we have made is creating our veggie garden, which we have been diligently working at. See for yourself:

Oh tomatoes, how I will enjoy you......

Did everyone remember that Earth Day is THIS WEEK?!?!?!?! Well, consider this your friendly reminder :) I marked it on my calendar in big green letters. In keeping with that, and since Arbor Day is next week, I jumped ahead a bit when the opportunity to attain some plum sprigs arose. My parents have several plum trees in their side yard, (which all have plums growing already by the way) and my mother's rose garden had a few sprigs for a new tree barging its way through the middle of her roses! Oh my, I took that
as my cue and uprooted the gems very carefully for transplanting! Viola
Our ground here is slightly on the hard side, there is clay not too far from the surface so that worries me a little, but I am keping my fingers crossed and my watering can close by and on hand. Well wishing would be appreciated. Anyway, my point is I got an early start for both special days by planting this prize! What are you going to do for these days? I would love to know some of your ideas!

Another change made, and I hope the weather continues to allow this, has been that there has been no air conditioning in our house for the last week at least! I turned it off in an effort to conserve, and I think it's kind of awesome to open the windows and feel the breeze, here the birds singing when I wake up in the morning and especially on mornings like today when you can here the rain hit the ground outside your window. Anyway, I turned it OFF, not down, not to a temp where it wouldn't come on as much, but OFF!!! The best part- it feels better in this house temp wise now than before when the air was on! In the mornings it is so chilly we have running around looking for socks, robes and blankets to cover up with....who new! My wallet will thank me too! Ha Ha

I told you all I put up a clothes line, yes??? THAT was another change that has been made...WHY run a dryer when you can hang your clothes??? My mother did this for years...nearly my whole life really. This should not have been such an epiphany for me but alas city life has made me forget (ha ah). My hunny was nice enough to put up the posts for me and string a line and now I have a fabulous and natural way to dry clothes. Sorry dryer, I dont hate you I just don't like what you do to me bank account....and you're kindo of loud too...and there's the lint...and the heat waves you send through my house.

Makes me feel like a pioneer...well, kind of.

Then there was a little business about taking a special little mini person on his first trip to the library.....

And yes, he did manage to make it out of the stroller. And yes, he loved it...actually screamed with delight when he saw the beenie bags in the children's section for reading. And yes, he ran around grabbing every book possible off the shelves saying "mine, mama, mine." But that was the entire point. You should see how crazy I get when I find a fantastic new book at the library (haha) The librarians are afraid. I think we got every Eric Carle book written (not really). That makes me happy. He will never have to apologize to me for loving books.

<3 Elena

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