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Whew, what a weekend I have had! Hope everyone had an amazing Easter, however it is you celebrate. Because my grandfather had a recent fall resulting in a broken hip, my family's Easter celebrations were a little skewed this year. Normally, the whole bunch gets together at my parents' home and we have a huge lunch/dinner prepared. This year, since my mother needed to spend most of the day with my grandfather, she had no time to cook, clean or prepare so a lot of my family went to in-laws or other venues. That however, did not stop us from beign festive! After Easter services, my husband, son and I went to the market and got all the grillinng essentials-steaks, hamburgers, salads, veggies, breads....and, of course, dessert! My brother was waiting at our house for us and when we arrived home, we put together an impromptu Easter meal fit for the masses! We called my dad over-and I think he practically ran haha, my mom even took a break from the hospital to come and eat. We even invited the neighbors over, who were about to grill out themselves, and they cooked their food on our already hot grill too! Needless to say we combined our food and fellowships and had a full house with a bunch of food-full people!

So I know that I promised to share the pics of a couple fabulous finds that I scored, and I have not let you down! The first pic is of my new, antique Royal typewriter, which I found at a thrift store and fell in love with. The funny thing is I didn't actually buy the typewriter- my dad did....for me! I had gone to the thrift store in hopes of finding a set of chairs for my kitchen table, but instead I found this gem for $25! ....but I didn't have $25 dollars on me at the time so I left determined to return with the money. My husband was not so excited as I was about my find and told me I didn't NEED a typewriter. Boo Hoo....What I didn't know was my dad had alraedy told him he was going to go back and get it for me for an early birthday present-I had no idea! Then he suprised me with it and I was absolutely ecstatic! Well, without further delay here is my fabulous find:

My second find was at another thrift store I just happened upon while I had some extra time one day. My abuela (grandmother), whom I call Lita, used to have an old school travel case where she carried all of her cosmetics and toiletries. I am not sure the correct name for these cases, but I know that she always called it a Necessare, so that is what I will go with -unless someone knows the correct name. Anyway, I have always thought these were just the cutest, sophisticated accessary for traveling ever, and have searched high and low for one that didn't cost an arm and a leg. A couple months ago I found a shop on Etsy that carried them but, as I am a cheapy ( and these were only like $20-$40 which isn't really that bad), I decided to keep looking, and man am I ever glad that I did! Well, as I said, I stumbled onto the Necessare in this big wooden bin almost at the bottom, at this thrift store, and I immediately got all excited. Then when I found out it was on $4 I started looking around the store all nervouse like I had stolen it or something but for that price I practically did. So, I grabbed it up, along with some materials I found for some upcycle projects, and I PAID for it all (yes I paid!)- IT WAS ALL UNDER $12 DOLLARS!!!! I love those shopping trips! Alright so here is my beautiful Necessare that I am so proud of:



My little man is such a helper! He is always wanting to help mommy wash dishes, throw garbage in the trash can or help me with laundry


this is how a toddler folds clothes .....hehe, but bless him he tries and I am so inclined to let him help even if it does take a little extra time and clean up!

How about the weather?!?!? I feel I talk about the weather like someone does during an ackward conversation with someone you don't know very well, haha, but really! The weather is sooo beautiful that I can't help myself....I want to be outside all the time, and so does my son Luca. So we walk down the drive and check the mail, we go and check out the tire swing, we pick up sticks and we watch the wind chimesmake music in the wind


I also have a secret project that I am so excited about! What a STEAL this was...and with a little TLC it will be a beautiful repurposed addition to our family :) Can't wait to show you ....but not until it is done!

Oh, I almost forgot, I feel like I have hit a food rut and I have been wanting to try something healthy, homemade and something that I don't normally make....any ideas??? I know that the best place for recipes is through word-of-mouth so if you have a yummy recipe that fits this criteria, I would love to try it!!

Hope you all have a great week crafting, scavenging, creating and living!

<3 Elena

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