our 4th

Our 4th of July is best described by this kiddos face ^ ... it was a blast!
We decided that this year we would try to make it extra special for the boys
and so we met up with some of our friends...and their kiddos, had a picnic by the river...played some
games and listened & danced to the live music.

...it was muddy everywhere... because of all the rain that has been around the last week or so +...so no one
stayed clean...and then we got rained on! hahaha all we had were a couple of umbrellas...so needless to say, we all were wet, soggy and muddy by the end of the night...but those kids didn't mind a bit. I was pretty tired... I'll be honest... but I had a really good time too...

...I got to dance with my boys...and watch them light up at all the beautiful fireworks. Time spent with friends
is always such a gift ...and I'm so glad we could all share in the excitement together...oh do we have memories to share for years to come about that night! 

...and that is what's important really... overlooking the difficulties and enjoying
the moment... sharing in it with the ones you love.... making memories.

...the fireworks were the icing on the cake for me...and I just love
watching them light up the sky...my guys do too. 

The kids were fast asleep before we ever made it out of the parking lot.
Mission accomplished.

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