Celebrations & Adventures

We've been on the move so much this summer...well really, since it 
has been warm weather... and truthfully, I'm having a hard time keeping
up lately...yeah, I know... of course I should be...I'll be 7 months pregnant
with this little lady on Monday...it's to be expected.... but how do you explain that to these 
little faces? So when the sun is shining... (or sometimes even when it isn't) we are on
some kind of adventure... I have to admit...by nature I am not the most kid-centric person
... I mean that I am not naturally the kind of person who is on top of what is 
the "coolest" and most creative way to entertain and teach kids...but I have made
it a point to work on that...and I have come to realize that it's like any other "muscle" it works better
the more you use it.

So we have been learning together.
Exploring together.
Experiencing chocolate ice cream cones melting down our arms, together.
Swimming on our backs together.
Pizza in the park on a Sunday together...

I have learned to be a kid again...in a way
to show them how to be a kid too...
because some of that is "learned" too....or at least prompted.

Kids can relate a lot better to an adult who takes
themselves a little less seriously than "normal"
...one who doesn't mind running through the rain
... splashing puddles all through the parking lot 
and then shopping for groceries with still-sloshy 
shoes... streaking your hair with wacky colors 
because its unofficially wacky hair day...
and I am learning that.
Slowing and gloriously learning.

...and really why do I have to be such "a big deal" that I can't make 
silly memories that my children will look back on and think...
"man my mom was pretty crazy...but we had a blast...and she never
held back."

Now, this 4th of July I will probably hold back on the water slide of doom
...since I don't think this baby bump would appreciate it very much (hahaha)
but it doesn't mean I'm not going to try and eat the heck out of a red, white & blue
snow cone... or squeal like a kid when the fireworks go off...that I can do.

...and I'm not altogether sure why I felt the need to "talk" about this
other than maybe I'm not the only person... the only mom who maybe
struggles here too...and who is possibly learning the same lessons...
and maybe I want to remember this someday ...all of it...

Happy 4th of July friends.
dance in public with your kids (and probably
embarrass your spouse) ... get powdered sugar all over your 
face from the most giant funnel cake on the planet...
have a picnic and enjoy your family today.
Enjoy it.

(sorry guys, I realize that this is a poorly placed stick...lol
but he's two so let's quietly giggle about it together, k? )

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