I wrote it all out...

... the pages are kind of steep
but I needed for you to see
that ledge you are skimming is a lonely one
and you don't know how far down it can reach.

 the rain is coming
I promise it's there
to wash you clean or lay you flat.
Walk the ledge with me, my love
and I'll never let a drop hit your back.

There is time
but it all seems to be moving so fast.
tight-rope walk time with me baby
and we'll fight the hour glass.

Seconds old when I met you
and already fighting to break out.
There's a beast in the cycle
and I know its purpose
to make every little boy a

 -Elena McCoy (original poetry)

We celebrated the 4th like most of you... with great friends, lots of food, home-made water slides
and, of course, fireworks. I watched my kids run around, meet new friends... and stretch their independence... like new-found wings. I was struck by how remarkable that is.... watching them become little people...not babies, not infants... in a way, grown... or growing. That blessed my heart to see them do so well... to smile and know that they are ok...that I must not have messed up too badly... that they are exceptional. 

I haven't had the most words lately... you've noticed I'm sure. I feel like this place in my life is in transition and with it my words, my heart, my desires. I've realized my lack of gratitude ... my thankful spirit... to God... to well, almost everything, and I have been purposefully trying to reawaken that thankfulness...because what on earth cannot I find to not be grateful for? So many daily blessings.
Loss has probably been the greatest culprit... The loss of family, loved ones...trying to find a grateful heart when things seem so unkind, so painful. But I find light at the end of this tunnel. Yesterday, I was grateful
to see my children in a matured light... taking off my baby goggles for a moment... surrounded by people who opened their arms to us unconditionally...friendship.
What perfect timing right... a blessed correlation.
As it were, celebrating the independence of our country... there is so so much to be grateful for.


kaylee said...

I know how it feels losing people and not feeling grateful. I've been to so many funerals in the last couple of years, and now I look at it as just being grateful to have each day because life is to short. xo

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

beautiful my sweet elenita.