Sponsor Spotlight: Erika of T.E. and baby

Hey friends! Today I am so excited to introduce another sponsor and sweet momma to you all!
Erika is a new blog pal and the sweetest most uplifting gal around. I have been so blessed by her spirit, and her thoughtful messages and emails have really brightened some of my difficult days recently with the loss of my grandfather. Erika is the kind of lady the world needs more of...and I hope you will get to know her and find out just what a gem she really is!


About Erika  &  T.E. and baby

Hi! I'm Erika and I blog over at T.E. and baby. Basically, it's just a little ol' blog about me, my husband, and our adorable baby girl (who has the best hair, might I add)...Our pugs also occasionally make the cut.
I'm not one to sugar coat, so you definitely will get the ins and outs of our everyday...Unfluffed, of course. I hope you stop by and say hello! We'd love to meet you!

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Now goooo and say hello to her!!!

I have a busying weekend with shoots again this weekend...and a fast-approaching birthday party 
for Luca to plan...how is it that he is already going to be 4?!?! 
I couldn't be more excited about either (the busy weekend or the birthday planning)...! I love what I am doing so much and seeing my little guy growing and healthy is such a blessing..!

Hope your week is great too! 
What has been occupying your time lately?

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