Thrift{Ed} : The Dish

the title?!? ...pun intended hahah

Hey it's week 2 of Thrift{Ed}!!! I was supposed to have this up yesterday...but the bird 
caught some bug so I was battling with a stubborn fever all day and night....but! He is doing much better today...the fever has dropped to a more manageable 99.2 rather than 102.9 from yesterday.
 With that, I cannot wait to talk about this weeks finds!!!


First, I guess you all should know...I am currently on the hunt for vintage plates...in the same color family
 ( green or hints of it) for a home project...that I hope I will be able to show you all soon...but I need more plates!!!!  I got lucky and found these to beauties at my local Habitat store...for yep, .50 cents each!!! Wowza!!! These were in great shape..only a tiny chip on the lip of the plate on the left...which I'm ok with since I want my plates to have that "old" feel.

* Tip*
If you are also on the hunt for vintage China...keep in mind...you should thoroughly look over each piece in question making sure to notice any chips, cracks or glue lines (some people try to fix their broken china too!)
Not everyone wants that "old" feel like I need for this project so make sure you don't accidentally buy  something that's not in the shape you thought it was!

 I also found this vintage cup and vintage fabric ( I think it was really a place mat at one point)
each for .50 cents!!! I must confess, I have a coffee cup collection...in our last 3 places, the rule was if I got a new cup I had to give one away ...but now (giggle) I don't have to anymore (hello empty cabinets!!!) so I am so excited when I find an adorable coffee cup!....and for .50 cents I'm not breaking the bank! Win-win!
I have been looking for vintage fabrics a lot lately ...for random projects really...but I always have a soft spot for pretty fabric no matter what.

Make sure the fabric you are about to buy has no holes, tears or stains...unless of course you can sew
and are willing to put the extra time into fixing it...or you think you can work around it...otherwise, it would be a shame to buy a beautiful piece of vintage goodness only to find out later it is unusable.

So, what amazing thrift are you super excited about lately?! I'd love to hear about/see it!!!
put your link in the comments if you do!!

Happy Wednesday!

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Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and a little bit vintage said...

lovely finds! don't you just adore thrifting?! i went yesterday and came home with some super fabulous stuff! :)

Katie (Lemon Jitters) said...

Beautiful finds!

LeahJo said...

I love those plates and for .50 cents? Lucky!!
I've been wanting to add more whimsical pieces to my kitchen wardrobe. That tea cup is so pretty.
I need to get thrifting soon!

Sherri said...

Awesome plates for 50 cents. I am usually hunting clothes in thrift stores. Although one of my fav finds is a 4 place setting of ironstone dishes in MINT condition for $6.96

JAIMIE @ roxyloveblog said...

Love these finds!