{Love}ly Weekend Lynks

You can't see it, but I am doing my weekend dance :)
because all the fun stuff happens on the weekends right?!
 I am an avid believer in trying to make weekends last as long as possible...
so I always consider Friday...part of the weekend...who's with me?!?
 I am super excited about how it is already turning out...
I :
 just realized I was featured here for their Friday feature! Thanks gals! 

also, think everyone should swing by janel's blog and read her story...
she's trying to raise money to adopt a little girl...who is going to be born Monday!!

my sweet friend Claudia just opened her Etsy shop with lots of  gorgeous handmade clothing...you should go check it out...and fall in love like I did ♥

head-over-heels about this diy !

touched by Hannah's honesty in this post ... 

inspired to do a little spring shopping with the lovely, Stephanie ...love how
she incorporated the kiddos...! 

Such a late-at-night post, but so many awesome people have such fun and wonderful things going on, that I thought I would share! 

Have a great night er....morning lol!


hannah singer said...

can't wait to check these out!
especially the new clothing shop :)

night xo

Alicia said...

yeah! more links...more coffee and browse time ;)

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

sweetie... you´re too much. wow. gracias. sweet friend.
I´ve been away too long. This always happens, when I go off to the fair, I get sucked in by work, then it takes me about 2 weeks to get back into mama mode, THEN I start thinking about my "social" life. Which comes down to you, a couple more blog friends... and my best friend who lives near by... wow! socialité!!!!
Love you
thanks again