Cooked: 16 minutes later...

Loves, I'm not even going to pretend...
today was a day and a half.
I'm spent.
It's awesome to realize that God
kinda gets that...and knows just when to
give us that little pat on the back,
that special little gift during the day...
in the form of a kiddo hug, a sweet husband's
encouraging words...
or a 16 minute shrimp scampi recipe
that my entire little family loved.
Thank you Jesus, can we get an(other) amen?!?!
Nothing is too small...that He doesn't see
our hearts and wish to see us refreshed,

So what am I going to do???
Oh, well share that recipe by golly!

It's the Pioneer Woman's ...
and I am not ashamed to say
that lady is the cat's pajamas.
and if she can make a recipe that will
make all my boys go running for seconds...
well, let's just say I want to run on over to
Texas and give her a huge hug....

You can find the recipe here 

Hope you all have made it through this lovely Tuesday!!!
Off to watch a much needed movie with the Mr!!!

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stephanie said...

that looks so yummy! and makes me miss shrimp! and i'm in your amen corner girl! i know exactly what you're talking about. i had one of those days yesterday!