Closet Confessions: Name that Genre


I would most appropriately fit into the "hippie category"...the 70's are kind of my self proclaimed genre of choice.

 I wouldn't go as far as to say everyone has a genre, but I would say that most people fit into a certain fashion niche even if they aren't totally all about it. Ummmm....hello, you don't think they classify the high school jocks, or the drama club-ers, or the art kids based on their dashing personalities completely right? Nope, they dress the part...whether it's for sheer comfort, or to fit in...or to feel themselves.

I never spent a great amount of time figuring out what my sense of style was...it changed here and there over the years...but the underlying theme has always kind of stayed the same. I love bell bottoms, big hair, beads, fringe, bold prints and color... I love everything stylistically about the 70's with a little mid-century, eames-esque-ness ( there is a science to my word creations, though I am apologizing for it now haha) thrown in. 

 Knowing your style is important...not like grand-scheme-of-things important, but it is just as much a part of who you are and your identity as the color of your eyes. It is part of your personality. It's fun. Also, playing with your style gives a little boost to the old confidence...and don't we need a little of that every now and again?!

feathers, owls, did I mention fringe and beads...lol....platform shoes, turquoise.... these are my eye-catchers in fashion...

Confession #2:
I have a style icon...someone in fashion I admire for her taste in clothing...but it is nothing like mine...
Audrey Hepburn.
I think it is equally important to keep pushing your style forward...it is a progression just like you are...a work in progress. So yes, while Audrey Hepburn's style is far from mine, I find little ways to incorporate her style into mine...ie, capelet, skinny jeans, and flats... (those being the most practical)

Top: TJMaxx ( clearance rack $3 !!!)
Tank: Target
Jeans: F21
Sandals: thrifted $2 ( yes, I said sandals!!! 70 degree weather!!!! Can I get an Amen?!?!)
Earrings: Target
Bracelets/Cuffs: some gifted, turquoise one was handmade by me, and a couple are F21

So, tell me...what fashion niche or genre to you more closely fall into...and which one do you wish you fit into more (aka me liking Audrey Hepburn's mod style)?


Tippy said...

I can't really say that I can label my stule...I wish I could. I love my straight leg jeans with heels and cute fashionable tops. I love my punky hair (when I have it) and colorful makeup. So, maybe you can classify me as Classy Punk? You tell me, you're the fashion diva haha!

Anonymous said...

So so cute! I'm not totally sure what style niche I fall into. I know I fall into one, I'm just not sure what it is. When I think of how I would like to look, it's sort of an Audrey Tautou style, I guess. Or Marion Cotillard. So I guess... modern French?

stephanie said...

ok. seriously? i think we're gonna be best friends. 1. i LOVE the 70's. 2. audrey is my FAV. 3.you are gorgeous my dear! 4. your shirt was $3??? amazing. i must go to the maxx more often! xo

Lindsy said...

i love your hair and this outfit is SO CUTE!

Chandra said...

Gotta love a girl who can find a good deal! The top is cute and love how you are armed with pretty little bangles. New to your blog and glad I found your little creative space on the web. Have a good day:D

One Tough Mother said...

Girl, you are so gorgeous! As for my style, it's kinda funny, I was just thinking about this the other day (random, yes...). I'm kinda semi-bohemian-chic-classic-ish. Yea. That. LOL! LOVE my high heels with jeans, LOVE my layered tops - cardigans with tanks and layered tees. And when I dress up, I love classic dresses - very Audrey Hepburn-esque (funny you mention her - she's my fave). My style icon, though, is Jennifer Aniston. I'd buy out J.Crew in a heartbeat if I could afford it!

LeahJo said...

no kidding, I was looking at some Audrey Hepburn's pictures today and absolutely love her style. I, however, don't see myself being able to pull of her pleated A-line skirts and adorable hats. I find them so lady like and classy.
I'm still trying to find my own style. Not sure what I would even call mine.