My Top Hair Products/Tools: A Hair Guide

Hi lovelies ♥
Oh my goodness...that weekend flew by didn't it!?!
We've kicked into Monday full-swing here...though my mind is somewhere back on Saturday I think ;)

I have been getting a lot of questions about my hair lately and so I thought I would talk for
a bit about what I do, the products I use...and most importantly the tools I style my hair with.
Though I have to admit...my hair is not really something I think about a whole lot...I like my hair, don't get me wrong, but I have never considered (and still don't) it to be "great". Yes, my hair has a lot of body to it... and I do like that part...but if you have kiddos... my type of hair can be a bit of a hassle...and it certainly is more high maintenance than I would like... sheeshhh!

So, for me, the products I use, and the tools I use make my life so much easier...
and I want to share them with you ladies, because if they make getting ready (and not looking like I got electrocuted going out the door) easier for me...then I think everyone should know about it!!

Shampoo: Organix Brazilian keratin therapy
Hair oil: Hana shine shield
(I also use Organix Flat iron spray)
& generally I do not use any conditioner...
I find that it makes my hair really heavy, and weird...

Because my hair is wavy/curly underneath (meaning the bottom layers of my hair) that's what gives me a lot of the body my hair has... but a volumizing mousse can give your hair a lot of the same effect if you apply it after washing!

Hair Dryer: Hana hairdryer from Misikko ( love!)
Brush: I use a large round brush similar to this (on sale btw!!!) and love it...the trick is..the larger & rounder...the more volume the brush will create when blow drying. 
 I do use a straightener, not always because I have so much hair, but occasionally I will..right now I have a regular straightener I think I bought from Target...but I have got my eye out for the
Chi straighteners ...this little lady is on my wish list...and will make straightening my hair sooo much faster!!! If you girls haven't heard about them...you need to go check them out...seriously the next best thing in hair styling!!!

Now. Can I gush to you about my hair dryer? mmmkayyy... ladies, my hairdryer is bomb. I know I just took you back to the 90's with that but seriously.
Hana is by far one of the best hair dryers .... who am I kidding...the best hair dryer I have ever had...it is seriously like going to a salon everytime I use her...yes, it's a she...and she cut my hair drying down from 45 minutes (oh I did not stutter...now aren't you glad you don't have my hair!!! lol) to about 15 minutes!!! Heaven. Pure 30-minutes-saved heaven....and I think you beautiful ladies owe it to yourselves to go clicking your way over and checking out all the great products Misikko has to offer....!

 Oh, and yes, my hair is real...all of it... but I do get asked if I have extensions a lot...which doesn't offend me...I have rocked the extensions back in 07...lol...and I would probably do it again...as long as they are done right they are great...otherwise...I look like a chia pet. No lie.

Also, many have asked if I dye/have dyed my hair and what color , etc... and no I have never dyed my hair actually...though I have to confess...I have always wanted to go red ....shhhh! don't tell...

I only get my hair cut about once a year, sadly...and if you live in my area I would be glad to share where I go! and introduce you to my awesome stylist! Last year was probably the best I have been to my hair...I actually got two haircuts in 2011!!! woohoo....!
Hope this answers some of your questions...and maybe helps you ladies (like me) with less time to do hair than what our hair requires hahah!

What are some of your go-to hair products? I would love to check some of them out!

Happy Monday!


Danielle said...

You have gorgeous hair - thanks for sharing your products! xo

Shelley Rich said...

Elena, you have the best hair! I would DEFINITELY suggest a Chi straightener! I LOVE mine! My hair is STICK straight, but I love to use it for creating ringlets...works much better than a curling iron! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Elena,
Thanks for sharing the products you use. I will definetely try to purchase some of these and cut on the weekly $25+, LOL. I have always been conscious about my hair and I am blessed with beautiful hair (not said pompus)it runs in our genes dear niece :) However, you look always great!!!!!!

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

wow my dear friend... ok, well, lets be honest, I simplified and went homemade: I use home made shampoo, and organic coconut oil for frizz. I braid to stay away from the iron... BUT: the bangs... those wild ones need 3 second under the hair dryer. Man I hope I don´t look as bad as this sounds!
Big kiss gorgeous!

alliespence. said...

great hair tutorial! thanks. you have a beautiful blog and great style!!