Free Computer Bling Download...and thoughts...

Hey friends! I have been working on some art projects lately, and while I was at it
I thought I would create and share this little desktop bling for you ♥

I wouldn't exactly say this quote was/is my resolution, but it is definitely something
I have been thinking and working at lately.
My grandmother used to tell me, " Girl, no one's going to make you, but you."
and her words, her voice has been such a motivation for me throughout my life.

If you have a dream.
If you have set goals for yourself.
When everyone has chosen another path.
When everyone thinks the path you've chosen is crazy.
If you don't fight for your dream,
you will not grow.

Feel free to copy away!

that's all for today friends, I am beat...I have painted the kiddos playroom nearly all day...and I am going to have some serious relax time tonight! Happy blogging!


Janelle said...

Pretty photo & I like the quote. Nothing like a little inspiration to keep us all pushing forward :)

Hannah said...

beautiful. :)

Andrea said...

Love that quote! Definitely speaks to my heart today.

Andrea xoxo


TheLovelyHunter said...

so true. what's the point if you are not following your dreams? if you limit yourself you will never reach your full potential. love it!