Oh! Boy : Gift Guide #2 For the Older Boy

Per request,
here are a few gift ideas for the (slightly) older boy
ages 4-6 would probably categorize these gifts best.
So, if you have a little man, or know someone who does in
this age range...there are plenty of goodies to go around!

My Luca leans toward the more artistic side...so many of these gifts reflect that...
he also loves to read, and listen/create music so....I did create this board with
him as a guideline...but each shop I have linked has many other gifts suitable for
a boy with any interest!
Hope you all like this board! Let me know if you have any feedback/questions, etc.
or if you would like to see another board/genre like this one!

Happy last minute shopping (I know, slap me hehe)

everything listed above is linked here:
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Nessa Bixler said...

Love these! Great ideas for my 5 year old nephew.