Christmas '11 photo(fun)

Remember that Christmas photoshoot I told you all I was working on? Well,
as promised, I wanted to share a few of my faves...without giving too much away....meaning, I want to wait and debut our Xmas card for you all on the 25th...!!!! Also, there are a couple family gifts, that go along with this shoot so I don't want to spoil that surprise either!!! Eeeekkkk! That doesn't mean I am any less excited about it though....maybe even a little extra excited!

check out the smirk on the kid already! ladies, watch out!

I have to say, this was a pretty difficult shoot to do. Every year we take Christmas photos as a family
for our Christmas cards and what-not, and every year we take the pictures ourselves...or we have gotten a little help from a friend or neighbor...but we have yet to actually go to a studio.
This year, I wanted to do the same...take my own pictures...especially since, I had no excuse to plop down 200+ dollars for someone to do it for me when, 1. I have a good camera/lenses this year 2. I have a tripod as well 3. I have editing software (thanks to my Mr.!!!) and well, I have just enough insanity to want to do it myself.... haha

ohhh, I wish he could be my baby forever!

I geared up, planned the shoot as much as I could, picked a spot...and packed a bucket of candy...
because, yes, I bribed the heck out of my kiddos...well, Luca anyway...but he was actually the easy one...Canaan didn't really know enough of what was going...and that's ok...he's little of course :)
After a few patchy moments we finally got them all done...and the kiddos enjoyed a few treats!

I have to say, though, even if it was a little difficult I enjoyed it a lot...especially the editing, and scrolling through all the shots!

You Mommas out there, it is totally worth it if you can swing it...and worth every penny you don't spend!

dance, with me
if only for a while
move this way, and that
hold my hand just so.
I will sing to you
and you will hum the
and on your shoulder
I will rest
moving to this tune.
(-elena mccoy)
Hope you all enjoy the little preview...I proud of my little (and big) men! They look so
Though, I am most assuredly bias :)
7 days people!
Hope they are all special, stress free and filled with all the ones you love!



Erika said...

You guys are adorable! I can't even get over it.

Olivia Grace said...

These are so lovely, what a beautiful couple!

SKR said...

Really great photos, love how you can see everyone's personality shine thru :]

kimberly rae said...

Love the pics!!

Sliver said...

I love the pictures :) Sooo sweet!