I likey... and a phone app raid...

Back again!

....and baring goodies might I add...

Since, I haven't been consistenly keeping up with I Love Thursday, with all the hustle and bustle
of holidays, birthdays and such the last month or so... I thought I would just pop in and share
a few things I have been raving over lately.

Sound good?... of course it does!

I got this polish for my birthday...and was a little scared at first...
I am all about color, don't get me wrong, but this had me a bit worried...
but I love it...and I love how quickly it dries...I am usually an OPI and Butter kind of a girl
but I am pleasantly surprised by Sally Hansen!

I snagged a quick pic to demonstrate :)

I also, have recently discovered the wonderful world of the top coat ...
I know, where have I been right?!?! It's amazing stuff and keeps my polish on
for several days...and no chipping!!!

This week I began incorporating these detox/health smoothies into my diet.
I have never tried anything like it before...and again, I was mildly skeptical.
After 2 days ( yes, I said 2!!!) I have had only 2 cups of coffee...and I have energy I
haven't seen since before I had kids...I'm still going and it's legitimately past midnight!!!!
This isn't a plug....but, ummmmm...you should jot down these ingredients and run...no
fly to the grocery store...you should have been on this stuff like yesterday.

I saw this diy and decided to try it.... the results wayyyyyy
exceeded my expectations, and I cannot wait to share the results with you all!

this song has been on repeat for 2 days straight... I cannot be mad.
I love this song...and damien rice. You should too.

this book has officially landed on my wish list... thanks to
a fellow blogger and her wonderful advice!

Hope you are having a great week so far!

What are some things on your favorites list right now?!


Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

Love visiting your blog!!! I just have 1 question: do you walk around your house just casually looking so gorgeous every day? It´s ridiculous! Have a great one!!!! xoxo, Clau

Anonymous said...

I too loved your 'blue' nailpolish. If it makes you feel better this old Aunt of yours wears that color from time to time :) I love your photos, you look great;truly a Hollywood look!!!

bird and tree said...

hah hah Claudia...! Love your sweet comments! Truthfully, we had gone somewhere earlier in the day...I am a bum much of the time hah!

Aunt Olga-I love it! Im glad you do too! I recommend it to everyone...You always have good style! Missing you!