House of The Funny Face: Graped

I generally cannot pass up a chance to take silly, immature and unflattering pictures of myself.
I try, really, for about 10 seconds everyday to act my age and be an "adult"....
and well, we see how that works out.
Plus, I have come to realize that being an adult is boring...I don't know how you grown ups do it....
I mean, I guess I can fake it when I have to... but seriously, who do you think has more fun lol? Mmmhmmm...

Acting a fool. Second only to my love for bacon.
( well besides my family and stuff that goes without saying, yes?)

so the kid wanted to eat some grapes...and I wanted to enjoy this wonderful weather,
thus we came up with a compromise... a grape picnic, in which we would document
all the crazy fun-ness ( it's a word now... just call me Webster) that is grape picnicking.
Oh, and let's pretend that there isn't a giant orb tumor on the side of my face, yep, k thanks :)

Role Model 101... always eat grapes like your the king ( or queen).

This is our new/old little segment...You probably figured it would happen...

Give a warm welcome to -
The House of the Funny Face
we're going to document all our silliness one funny face at a time!
The true sentiment behind it all ( besides the fact that we take a lot of silly pictures) is that sometimes you just have to lighten up...you're day, week, month or year may be tough but psssstttt... laughter is the best medicine ( spread the word)! We can still take time to, just as the kid always tells me, "get the wiggles out" and reflect on lighter things...and wow, maybe even laugh! Are ya with me?!?

Have a Silly Day, Take a Silly Picture, and Laugh a Little, will ya?!?!

be back later with that diy!


The Frenchs said...

Love this blog! Thanks for visiting mine!

jane said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Elena. It was funny, last night while I was lying in bed, for some odd reason God put it on my heart that I was going to have "29 followers" on my blog. I was at 28, and then you came along, and boom, 29. It may sound silly, but it was on my heart and I just felt the itch to come and check out your blog since you're my 29th :) I love your photos with your little man. You look so happy as a Mom :)

jane said...

p.s. i'm now a follower of your blog and I'm your 100th! :D

Anonymous said...

adorable picture :) love it!

Hope your weekend is great!

Ayana said...

LOL. ;) You guys are so silly and cute.

Tara said...

How cute! I just love the silly faces!

Joelle said...

You two are so adorable! Loving that you can find a way to make a silly face in any situation. It makes like a little more fun :)

Visiting from FTLOB. Hope you have a fabulous week my dear!


bird and tree said...

Thanks ladies! We do have a lot of fun around here...and many times we have to find the silly in situations hahahah....it helps in the not so fun times too! So glad you all visited!!!