I ♥ Thursday: rust, rust, rustic...

Hey, hey! I was finally able to get myself together enough to do an I Love Thursday post...I really do love these posts because, well, it's all about the things that I like lol... I know a lot of you all like it too, and  we all like to see a new shop or beautiful item that we have never seen before so, yes, I am very excited to get back on the Thursday routine!

Lately I have been really inspired rustic, handcrafted things...though I always am to a point, but lately I have leaned even more to the rustic side of things... I dunno why, just a phase maybe....nah... it's because rustic is awesome, hello! Anyway, here are some ( a handful really) of the things that have really made my top list! Enjoy!

I kind of adore these rustic little wooden houses...

love this rustic-esque chevron wall art!

...oh come on now, arrows?!?!?! I do love those...!!

...seriously want some shelves like this!!!...and all those cute little vintage items too!

...while these kitchen towels are a little too new to be rustic...they do have that lovely rustic feel about them! This shop is packed with awesome stuff too!

..I love everything about this crate...and will take about a dozen in my house...at any time... this shop also has a lot of lovelies that I would probably get into trouble with ( spending too much that is gahhhh.)

...and oh am I ever in love with this letterpress letter sign....must.have.!!!

What are some things you're crazy over right now? Is rustic your style or are you more of a modern type? No worries here, I am kind of both...a little all over the place...so, per usual, everyone's style is welcomed and appreciated here!

Hope you all have a lovely night! Seeya back here tomorrow for an easy-peasy DIY!!!


Janelle said...

Nice stuff! I love rustic things that don't look too "country" and these things fit the bill. I especially love the crate :)

Ayana said...

I am definitely more rustic - and traditional. But I want to change the traditional. ;P I love the crate, too!

Anonymous said...

I am rustic/country-ish too. Love the crate!