He grew up...

...right before my eyes in a matter of minutes...

...yet, it was the highlight of my weekend, and maybe even my month, to see my big guy pedal off on his very first "big guy" bike.

He is such a natural, ok I know the training wheels are a major help, but come on friends, do ya really blame me for bragging on him?

I thought I would start out fresh at the beginning of a new week instead of smack in the middle of last week...with so much going on I treated myself to a little "time off" ...I was barely technologically reachable even, not that I am very good at the telephone thing to begin with ( I really have to learn to live and use the thing I know, but for me...I would just as soon not have one with me). Besides, I return with some wonderful goodness like this so it's really a win-win right?!?

* I am up to my ears in baked cookies.
*I cleaned and mopped my kitchen from the weekend crazies ( that was a workout, sheesh).
*I have been diving into my new books here and here , with lots of ideas/projects in mind with the first book!
*I painted a couple of art pieces for the bird's room and am about to work on some for Luca!
*I am realizing how horrible spray paint fumes make you feel after a prolonged period of time... yuck!
*The Mr. and I are begin a workout schedule starting today...this should be interesting...I'm used to yoga people..( and, side note, me lifting any kind of weights ever results in my arms turning into man arms...not pri-tay at all..so I am going to do all "lean" versions of this workout...ughhh why me lol)
* I am trying my hardest to find curtains for the bird's room and cannot find any I like or that will work...I am thinking I will have to make them...any book/pattern/template ideas?!?!

Oh, and back to that big kid above, isn't he just the cutest thing? I really am so very proud of him. I love seeing that permanent grin on his face from all the excitement... that is so very priceless!

How was your weekend?


nat said...

I really like the shadows in your pics. Very sentimental!

ronja said...

wow! i love these pictures!! very touching!

Anonymous said...

Had a great weekend. Love the pictures, such a sweet post :)

Sarah said...

Awww, so cute!

rebecca said...

so exciting! :) love your pictures Elena. thank you for linking up with the simple things, can't wait to see you back on sunday. love stopping by your blog! Rebecca

Kristy LifenReflection said...

great shadow capture!

bird and tree said...

thank you ladies! He's getting so big I could cry! lol... He was biking so fast it was actually quite difficult to get a good shot...I was running after him like a crazy person...the neighbors have got to think I am anyway lololol...it was worth it though!