Filling in the Blanks..

Well hello strangers! I have missed this little space the last couple of days, and while I had every intention of posting last night, the storm messed with the Internet for a bit and by the time it was up and running I was too beat to do anything.... so it goes I guess...

Well, what have I been up too?!? Well, you wouldn't believe how unusually busy ( meaning it's always busy here but this was kinda crazy lol) it has been over here... we ( or maybe just me, ahem, lol) have loaded up on "projects" and maybe overdid it just a tad bit... I am the type who can see everything that needs to get done in one picture and then not know how to stop until it's all done... piling project onto project... which is more time consuming than I would say monetarily costly but you get the idea... So, last night we chatted about how we need to consolidate the projects, not add any more on the list, and finish the ones we've started before moving on to new ones... which was much needed... I feel like I have a game plan now lol!

...see that pop of blue in the background? Yep, that would be Luca's new wall color! This was the color he decided on... and it's kind of growing on me... this is one of the little elephants we got decorate his room with...he did want elephants after all!

Also going on here has been much cooking ( I've been trying a new system and I am loving the results!)
...this seriously needs to be a post in itself so, for now, I will just say that it is wonderful for families like mine, who have small children and lots to do in a day! There has also been several diy projects finishing up... a picture wall for the bird... and furniture adjustment and a few others...

On Sunday though, we took a break, a very much needed break, to go see my favorite author, Elie Wiesel, give a lecture at our local University. Though I wouldn't say he's my "hero" I will say that I admire him greatly and I think his life's work and his dedication to seeing hatred eradicated is profound and moving. I was honored to be able to sit and learn from him, to actually hear him instead of just reading his books was a true highlight and an experience I will cherish forever. I am so thankful to the Mr. for getting those tickets!

... aren't they just beautiful?!?!?!

Last weekend I also got to spend a few hours with one of my dearest friends! She lives in the next big town over ( about an 1 1/2 hours away) at seminary and I am so glad that we are near each other again! The time was spent shopping, chowing down on some awesome food ( I was introduced to a new sandwich shop that was amazing!!!) and laughing and chatting it up like crazy! No one makes me laugh like this girl and I am so glad we could get together!!

So much going on... I will do my best to keep you all up to date!!! I will be sharing little projects here and there as they are finished, I have a new recipe to share and a new addition ( not the baby kind lol) to show as well ( or the animal kind either lol)..!!! So.... stay tuned! I am so excited and so excited that you guys have stopped by!!!

I apologize for being a little scattered... I am hoping to get things back to a regular pace this week....thanks so much for being so patient!!!

Has your week been crazy too?!


Anonymous said...

Totally loving the elephant

my week has been crazy-ish too. hope the rest of your week is calmer :)

Nessa said...

What a great color! Looking up your favorite author now...