DIY: Pin It Down....literally

Hello everyone! I am back! I have been out and about the last couple of days with the Mr.'s parents in town, and that's why I have been so silent here on the blog. I did get a chance to read all of your very, very sweet comments on my last post...and want you all to know how wonderfully sweet you all are! My-oh-my you gals sure do know how to make my day! I told Luca he was a big hit on the blog...and he seemed quite pleased ( wink wink....he's a ham...and I love it!)  Kids are amazing...and I am glad so many agree that we should be our children's sounding boards...their #1 cheerleaders. If they don't get it from us...who will they hear it from?

Anyway....I wanted to share my super easy and awesome DIY with you all that I promised last week...! In my office/library room...I wanted to spruce up the top a bit with something but couldn't figure out just what I wanted...Well, after a trip to the local Habitat Restore ( right down the road woo hoo) I found a frame and thought hmmmm...I could use this but how?!?! The frame cost a whopping $2 so I grabbed  it up with the notion to figure out a project for it later...After thinking about it, I decided I wanted to use it as some sort of pin board...and seeing a lot of different types from Pinterest, I knew it wouldn't be a difficult project to accomplish. I had a bunch of fat quarter materials left over from another project so I checked to see if the size would work with the frame...and it did...almost to a T!!!

Problem #1
I had no cork board or backing....and not wanting to run to the craft shop I started rummaging around in my craft supplies...no luck, so I headed to my last resort...the dum,dum, dum....garage.
Eureka! I had a whole stack of cardboard boxes...so I thought, hmmm maybe this will work?! I was afraid that it would hold pins or much weight but after a few test punctures...it actually did work! So, I cut a length of cardboard to size, place the fabric over it and stapled the sides to the cardboard. Then I tacked the sides of the cardboard to the back of the frame....and....


* frame of some sort - can be any size and can easily be thrifted
* material - enough to cover the entire backing of your board
*cork board/cardboard- cut to size ( or any other material that can hold a pin and weight)
* staples- for tacking the fabric to the board
* thumb tacks/finishing nails/industrial staples- to secure the board to the frame

I still have to touch up the frame itself a bit...I want to fill the edges/corners of the frame so it looks a tad more seamless and then touch it up with a little more white paint just to keep it clean looking.

The perfect addition to a shelf top! I love how the bright plum color highlights the dark wood of the elephant bookends ( a college graduation gift from the Mr. way back when...yep we go back that far lol).

So whataya think!?!?!

What crafty things have you been up to already this week?!?!


Tippy said...

I kinda like it rough looking...gives it a vintage feel...

Vivian said...

I LOVE the material you used for the pin board. Great job!

bird and tree said...

Thanks gals!

Tiff- I may just take your advice...!