Whatchya Flava: An Ice cream Date in VA

See, I told ya I would post pics of the VA trip! I am so glad everyone was patient with me... with getting back into town, all those back-at-home-after-vacation-errands, and everything else...I am finally able to sit down and go through them bit by bit....

Breaking it down little by little is easier for me, because with the littles, time is a commodity.

Last time we were in VA ( just the Mr. and I) we drove by a little old fashioned ice cream shop in historic Fredericksburg that I just had to try....so since I didn't get to on that trip, I thought it would be super cute to take Luca...since yes, he is a ( chocolate) ice cream fanatic...! Carl's is the cutest place ever and is so 50's its incredible! The employees even wear the little paper server hats that were so popular during that time! We got to chocolate cones and sat right out front!

...The only catch? Yep, it was ridiculously hot that day....and it was melting so fast we couldn't keep up...the pics I wasn't able to take would probably have consisted of our clothes all spotted with sticky ice cream spots and a river of chocolate goodness running down Luca's arm...lol but we loved it and I can't wait to go back!

...before the meltdown began....

...its our little tradition to take a mirror picture in every hotel we stay in...homage to the tacky myspace pic....meh, perhaps...I like to think its a little more evolved than that maybe...and plus it super fun for Luca...and trust me, these days, I will do whatever it takes for him to take a picture! He pulled a fast one on me and made a funny face haha threw me off guard and I totally was even paying attention! PS yes, he is wearing a jacket...why? because I got a $2 deal on one while we were up there and because Luca has obviously no concept of seasons yet...and that room was super cold...( thanks to the Mr. lol).... I could have probably packed my fur coat it was so frigid in there...I kid....sort of. 

Luca had a blast...on this trip! To keep the flow going and to keep him as un-bored ( I think I just made that up hah) as possible I spread out little activities for each day so we would have stuff to do every day we were there...worked out so much better than times past! That is a helpful tip for you traveling mommas out there...with kids 2-3 and up...keep them busy with little things throughout and even if its the hotel pool...don't keep them in the hotel room too long if possible...they get stir crazy...and then I just go crazy in general!

I am working on the pictures of the carraige ride as we speak so maybe tomorrow I'll have those up for ya!!!

Happy Saturday!

What are your fave haunts you've found in the cities you've vacationed to?

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Carolynn Cecilia said...

There is nothing better than an ice cream date. I don't care what time of year it is or how bad the day was, an ice cream date can fix just about anything.