Sic-nic...after Irene

Welp, it seems we're all sick again...yep, couldn't have picked a better time lol.... but I have to say the one thing that has made this germ-filled, grumpy, snotty (ok I'll stop there) day seem just splendid?!?!

The weather! Yeah, go figure...
Growing up near the ocean my entire life, I have grown accustomed to hurricanes, its a hassle, yes, it can be a little scary at times...but the part I look forward to in it all? That would be the day after the hurricane... for us...that day is today.
Why you ask?
The weather is absolutely, positively perfect in every sense of the word. The sun is out, 70's temp, and the wind is blowing ever so slightly...though, pretty continuously.

So we did what any cooped up sick person would...we had a sic-nic...
uhuh, you heard me...
a sick picnic--- a sic-nic!

...and it was grand!

( oh, yeah btw...this is what are bare patio looks like now that its all packed up in the garage! lol)

Know what else makes this day awesome?!?!

...Its the Mr.'s birthday!!!! I won't tell ya how old he is, but I will say that we are trying to have the best birthday we can have for him...with all the sickies!!!! Happy Birthday Mr. Man!!! We love ya!!!

Here are some lovely links for ya to check out! Just some things I have been reading and finding interesting on the web!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!
this looks so yummy... I have a feeling I am going to be trying this soon!
love how easy this tutorial was!
I've been loving this site lately! So helpful and full of resources!
these get me every.single.time.
...an English major's dream....
this recipe looks like a good try too....I'm gonna need a diet if this keeps up!
...this project would be a big hit at mi casa!


Alyssa said...

hey! found your blog on through "for the love of blogs"... and it's so cute!! i look forward to getting to know you more through your blog and reading your posts :)

Joelle said...

Glad to hear that you all are safe! I hope you feel better soon, and have fun today!

Visiting from FTLOB. Have a beautiful weekend :)


Jessica DeWitt said...

Hi! Hopping over from FTLOBs!
I'm sorry to hear that you are sick, but so are we! Me, the hubs, and baby!! Hope you can enjoy the day!
Jessica @ Doubling the DeWitts

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

I found you on For the love of Blog

here to show love .It is so cute __ your blog.

Glad weather is normal.

Following you .

Follow me back,gal.

Vivian said...

My middle name is Elena so I had to stop by and say HELLO. Happy birthday to your Man and so good to hear you are safe. Got a chance to scroll though your blog, you are so cute and so is your family. I'm way excited to follow you!.

bird and tree said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by, saying hi, giving us well wishes and being concerned with our well-being! You all blow me away with your kindness and thoughtfulness!

We are feeling better and thankfully are almost in the clear!

Vivian- Hello fellow Elena!!!! So nice to meet another! Glad you stopped by!!!

Please come again won't you!?!