Closet Confessions: Tuck or Untuck?

What mild weather we had today?!?! Being outside was unbelievably comfortable here ...so much so that the Mr., the kiddos and I went for a nice, long walk in the early evening to soak it all up. Love how I always throw that weird weather conversation in to liven things up and get things started? Yeah, awkward. Oh, speaking of....let's go ahead and say hi to Mr. Trashcan over there...he wants to be in all the cool pictures (wink wink). Um, and yes, that right arm of mine just so happens to be attached to the hip, thanks for asking!


Now that we all have that stuff out of the way...let's get to the confessional shall we?

Well, what's the word on the street?
Tuck the shirts or no?
I confess (that is what we are doing here after all) that I was never a huge fan of tucking the shirt when I was growing up...my bottom half and my top half were not bff and refused to work together, but as I have gotten older I have either gotten over it or realized hey, it's not that bad. And if it is I don't wanna know.

Regardless, tucking your shirt in, is like eating your peas...you correlate it with listening to your momma...and well, I think you should ...listen to your mommas that is....most of the time.
How easy is this to do though? No seriously...it's super easy...and it adds just a little umph to your outfit that doesn't cost an extra cent...unless you brake a fake nail while tucking it in...then that might cost ya. This little addition adds a little chic to a more casual or comfy outfit without getting all suit-coat and high heels.

See...I'm wearing (gasp) sandals!!!!

Here's the outfit breakdown:

Top: $12- American Eagle Outlet
Earrings: Gift
Belt: $0- Came with a pair of capris...
Skirt:$3.50- thrifted
Sandals: $12- Target
Ring: $2- Target sale rack

So what do you think? Tuck or Un-tuck the shirt... I wanna here your take!

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Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

TUCK!!!! You look beautiful! Do you look this great at 7am... or 10 pm???? If you do, you must be from another planet!
PS LOOOOOVE the sandals!

life chasers said...

you are rockin' that tucked in.
keep it that way!

Jacqueline Paris said...

What a cool viewpoint! In high school I always had to tuck my shirt in as part of the uniform, but always got in trouble for leaving it untucked haha. So now I UN-tuck whenever I can:) http://jacquelineparis.wordpress.com/