Happy July Day (the 4th that is)

... that's what Luca went around saying all day on the 4th..."Happy July Day!" So cute! We had a nice day, super crazy and we were sorta tired from the pool the day before... we may have over-done it a bit actually, but we spent the day recuperating and relaxing and truly just enjoying the day and what it meant. We changed up our plans at the very end...we were going to go to a church event... then we were going to see the fireworks down the road... but we just decided to stay in, meet up with a couple neighbors and light fireworks with the kiddos... and eat some really yummy food courtesy of the Mr. and the trusty grill!
Here's a few  ( ok more than a few lol) pictures to recap the day!

...this was his first ever sparkler.... he loved it, but was a little nervous about the fireworks....

...we always have to have a funny face picture :)

...it was a blast! and these cheeseburgers are were as good as they look!

* Fun side-note: On Friday I got to meet up with my blogger friend Carissa ( I mentioned it in my last post I think)... I was a bad blogger again and forgot to take pics... but bless her she didn't forget and posted them up on her blog! She's is the sweetest thing and her two kiddos are dolls! I had such a great time on our little play date and I am so excited to have found a thrifting buddy! What an awesome heart and sweet spirit... God truly does know the exact person ( or people) that we need in our lives, and plops them right in front of us sometimes! I am so thankful.

Well I'm off to hang out with the fam... the Mr.'s grandparents dropped by for a couple days and we are so excited to spend some time together! Cheers and happy Wednesday!!!


Danielle said...

glad to see you had a great 4th! Those sparklers are particularly awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!