All the Month of My Life: 11 ♥

Dear Birdie ♥

11 months! How can it be? Feels as though I should still be anticipating your arrival...and here you are, and have been for nearly a year! You are growing and changing so much these days it is so hard to keep track of it all... as it does when you are transitioning into such an extraordinary time in your short life. In one month alone you are signing (ASL) quite impressively (you have 'all done' and ' eat' pretty down pat) for such a little one, you shake your head no ( why not yes I wonder lol), you wave hello and goodbye, you say Luca ( or U-ka rather) and when we tell you to Shh, you copy us ...silly boy. This month you have a total of 6 teeny tiny baby teeth and you are eating "big people food" with most every meal. We managed to snag a picture of one of the few times you actually have stood on your own... (this picture records #3 of your actual standing successes...if I recall correctly). See how you have changed?!? Your big brother loves you so much and finds little ways to be big brother-ly.... he likes to show you how to be a big boy because he tells me one day you'll be all grown up like him... You are so active... I can hardly keep up with you... you have the energy of a bull...and the determination I'm afraid... but not to worry.. I see the gift of a leader in you, little one. This is a rare and difficult gift to carry. Sought by many, you have a true heart... so amazing for me to see this in you and know it to be... only a mother can see these things... and maybe a father. All the strength in the world for you is my hope. I can only hope you gain the wisdom of Solomon and the dignity and heart of David. Stay true to your name, always. You were created under a covenant; a promise, our deepest hope and belief is that you will be blessed. We love you sweet, sweet boy... loud and strong as you may be. You awaken this family... you remind us to be strong every day. You are the perfect balance to your calm and loving brother... you both teach us the importance and need of both. It is true... children teach us more daily than we could ever hope to teach them.

Learn forever, serve and lead... that in death you will teach.


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