Brookgreen Gardens: MB Vacation Part 1

I don't know what it is about Pandora, but when I find that listening to my favorite music while editing pics is the best! That was kind of random side note I know...do you all have the same experience?
Anyway.... I am back! We spent the week recuperating, catching up, cleaning and some other nifty surprises that are in the works that I will be keeping you all in suspense for a little while yet! I know, I hate surprises too, but it will be so much fun to tell you all about when the time comes!

While we were in Myrtle Beach, we decided to re-visit Brookgreen Gardens . The first time we visited the gardens, Luca was a little younger than Canaan in now...maybe about 7 or 8 months old, and it was cold and rainy, though still beautiful. This time was warm (ok very warm ) and the gardens were lush and beautiful! We spent an entire day there and even had a lovely lunch in their Pavilion Cafe...yumm!
All these pictures below are from our day there... I had a hard time selecting pictures... I literally took about 500 pictures just from that visit alone...yep, I'm crazy. I may add a few more in another post later or split them up between a couple of post but for now, here is a snippet of our garden adventure!

...these poems are placed all along the walls of the gardens, in hidden alcoves, and secret corners...this was one of my favorites...


...we had a posing contest... lol

...they were such troopers!

I would encourage you all in the NC/SC/GA area if you are around the area, to drop by.... the tickets are so reasonable and worth every penny. We were told that at nights during the summer they have events for the kiddos and music on the lawn (which is included in your original ticket purchase) and your tickets are valid for 7 days after purchase...for those of you who like to take your time :)

Have you all had a lovely weekend?

I know the weather these past couple of days have been so much milder and really enjoyable! Hope you were all able to get out in it for a bit!

Now off to run some errands....back to reality I go :)

Sweet day to all of you ♥

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Danielle said...

you have such a cute family and those gardens look amazing!