Making things happen: A DIY kinda day....

Hello all my favorites ♥
What a day it has been, right?!? Well, over here it sure has! I was super motivated today...I woke up especially early, got the birdie to the doctor for a check up (which he handled quite well, I might add), took the kiddos to the craft store (again lol) and we treated ourselves to a little brunch....all before nap time...


I took that designated nap time to whip together several diy projects that have been on my list for extremely too long...if you know what I mean.... Here is one I finished up today. Well, in all honesty, I finished it yesterday, but didn't get the proper hooks for hanging until today...hence the picture and the thing actually hanging lol.

I am really pleased with how well it turned out...this is my first (gasp) wreath experience to speak of so, for what its worth, I am really pleased.... I have a few special people in mind for a couple more, but you'll have to wait for completion to see those! Speaking of the actual making part, the Mr. asked me where I "got all those sticks?" to make the wreath ahahaha..."well I went into the woods..." no really, I got it from Michael's on sale and with a coupon (oh yeah) it was super cheap-o! I am thinking of making some and putting them in the shop too! I love it when a plan comes together!

I did finish a couple other projects and started one more but I will wait to share those another time!

What diy's have you all been working on/ completed recently? I would love to see!

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