30 Before 3: you got the music in you...

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Up to my ears in designing/editing birthday invites for the big-little guy of mine lol!
'Cause I thought you should know that, k?!

Anyway, I was editing (ah, that word again!) some pictures earlier and thought it quite cute that there are some very obvious patterns my kiddo is developing. These aren't the bad kind folks...these patterns are the kind you hold close to your little heart and hope he (or if you have a she) keeps developing and loving right on into adulthood.

You can see what I mean:

this was taken in March of last year....oh, the glasses...I totally hope he outgrows that...yikes! lol!

...and this was taken yesterday....

You are my music baby...its been that way since you were very little...Your papa and I brought home your first little piano when you were less than a year old and you would fall asleep playing it. Since then, your love for music has grown and grown. At night, you love to fall asleep to your lullabyes, in the morning we fill the house with our favorite songs (because we have the same favorites) and dance and sing along until we just can't sing and dance anymore. One of your first phrases (when you were getting better at talking) was "turn the music up please momma." ....you still say that today. You love the drums more than any other, but you don't mind rockin out with the guitar or piano either. Our most favorite song of all...that we sing to each other all the time.... You Are My Sunshine...that's our song. I love to hear you sing it. I love you. You love all kinds of music. I like that about you. I know one day you will make many people sing...and make them happy with your gift. Glorify the Maker with your talent, He is the giver of all good things. Keep a song in your heart and music at your fingertips, always. I am so proud to learn, watch and take part in helping you mold these gifts you have been given.

Hey mommas out there...you know what I mean right?!?! What do your little ones love?

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