Kinda Like an Episode of Hoarders

...that's kinda what my house looks like right now lol...and its just a tad bit unsettling...like I don't wanna wear my pj's in front of company kind of unsettling...ya feel me? Well, we (meaning the moms and me) found boxes and she was so kind to drop over and help me pack and dust and (sneeze, sneeze, sneeze) and clean and organize and ahhhh! I couldn't have nearly done as much without her. Though I was almost thinking NO ONE gives out boxes anymore, I actually managed to get a whole trunk full today without dumpster diving!!! Thanks to Dollar Tree...that's right I'm not ashamed...they hooked this girl up BIG time!


oh yes...! My poor kitchen ahahaha...and notice the toys Luca crammed into the oven?!?!?
Yep, he told me this morning when he shoved them in there, " Be VEH-WY careful momma, its HOT!"
He's got my back y'all, watch out!

And in case you all thought I was going completely insane...well now there's proof!!!
Soooo it kinda came out a lil blurry that's OK kids....all ya need to know is...I'm OK...for now...I am stressed, honestly, but rightfully so. I do have many people helping me, offering help and thinking of us all through this process and for that I am grateful...plus if it wasn't crazy around here you wouldn't get these awesome dorky pictures to make you laugh! See?!?! I am thinking of you!!!

Hope you laughed at this...because if you didn't then I am just completely embarrassed...the end.


Anonymous said...

lol I laughed :)

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