All the Months of My Life: 7

Yes, its true.....this little bird face is 7 months old ♥
I cannot believe it, and I cannot believe it is already March, oh, and I cannot believe I have one and a half weeks to pack up this house and move hundreds of miles away!....That's a lot of cannot-believes.... and a lot of unbelievable things going on! So, speaking of child labor? Ummm....maybe we weren't (the English major in me questions the authenticity of that word...and makes me ashamed for not knowing it hah) but weeee areee now....I decided to recruit a small ankle- biter to help with the packing...he is, after all, a part of this family right? Ehhh, I give him some allowance this week, what the heck.

Hiya bird man ♥
Guess what?!?! You (and the rest of our little family) are moving to a whole new place! I am so excited to see how you will grow and learn and develop in a completely new environment. You are sitting up now, and luh-huv it! You also love jumping (like you should be the next man on the moon) and screaming at the top of your lungs, not because your sad or mad, but because you think it is how to talk. love that. especially when I am on the phone. Hah. You eat finger foods now and it is so adorable to see you reaching out and grasping things with your little fingers ♥ You hug the life out of "owlie" your little owl all the time, like he is your bestest friend.... You can also do the turtle shuffle, your little way of trying to crawl...see your already dancing! Sigh....makes your momma proud :)  You also (almost) have your first little tooth...and I am super excited to take a picture of it (well, and see it of course)!.... and you're drooling like no tomorrow...seriously, me and papa are considering installing a gutter on you....speaking of your papa...he is soooooo ready to see ya! Yep, has been working in the "new" city and he misses his little men like crazy....but I am thinking you will be seeing him soon....wink wink. I love you so much little man, and I cannot believe (yep another unbelievable) you are 5 months away from being 1 whole year old!!!! Ouch...that kinda makes me sad and happy all at the same time.... but don't go looking for a new brother or sister any time soon....this momma is still out of order for a while....where did I put that sign?!?!?
Love ya goobies ♥
You rock my socks,

he has a weird attraction for my workout ball...

like, he makes out with it....lol

bird man with his feather friend, "owlie" ... they're pretty much awesome!


The Mr. said...

His hair has gotten so much darker since I last saw him! So finger foods and sitting up now huh? I've missed a lot in the last 2 weeks. I miss my little gremlin...

naila said...

i love his little tee how adorable!!! where'd ya get it if ya dont mind tellin?! id like to get the little cuties in my family some cool gear :)


bird and tree said...

believe it or not I got it from Target on sale for like $3!!!! How awesome is that! I dont mind at all I love a good deal and love sharing them even more!

naila said...

what the heck! i guess i need to spend more time in the baby section! thank ya!