Its ok to be a peeping Tom....

....if I let you do the peeping!
Here it is! Our cute little home!  I am so happy to be settling in just a bit and I have been urgently trying to pull out the "familiar". Sometimes I get very overwhelmed when everything around me is new and unfamiliar...even if it isn't in a bad way.

...this is my view from my backyard! I was so in love with it the moment I saw it. The first apartment the Mr. and I had together was on the second floor, but it had a sweet little balcony that overlooked an overflow pond...and this brought me back to those days in that little apartment when we were so fresh and starting out.

this is sort of the great room/ foyer area  that leads to the living room (its to the right of the picture)....I am way to unorganized right now to show more in-depths pics plus I dont know how I really feel about showing all my personal space....I love sharing parts of my life in the blog world but there still kind of comes a point where you have to save a little for yourself...and that is kind of how I feel about it....but you get a little hint of our new lovely home!

Today we were in the process of hanging up curtains and taking out the last of the boxes....getting the garage cleared enough to park inside and other odd and end things....I didn't do so much today because I was so exhausted form yesterday...I did way too much...but I was kind of frantic (and still kind of am) to get things settled.

Luca and I did take a little break when we went off to pick up some supplies earlier....Yep, we treated ourselves to a little (BIG) icecream. something this momma, does not usually do, yogurt yes, but icrecream not so much, plus I am not one to buy my kiddos huge amounts of sugar but today was the exception. Oh, and can we say the people and this unmentioned icecream establishment was very tricky and I ended up with two super huge tubs (see below) of icecream....what the heck! Oh, and believe me this little man had no problem packing it away....we wont talk about the huge sugar meltdown he experienced a couple hours after....totally reminded me why we dont do these things very often....Yikes!

Hope you are all enjoying your Tuesdays! ....and my little home tour! Have a great night!

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Cecilia Warner said...

wow what a beautiful new home you have! i'm so happy for you and your family!