In search of wonders....

Finally, I am able to share with you all the photos from this weekend! There were quite a few that I had to go through so it took me a little while.... I think I will do a part 1 and part 2 so you all are on picture overload...cuz I kinda am...so I guess I am stretching it out even more...mwuah-ah-ah-ah..... here is a tiny glimpse into the weekend we had....

the historic area of Summerville had tons of cute little shops, lots of art and crafts everywhere from pottery to knitting! They also had several cafes that had table set out on the cobblestone for customers to sit out and enjoy the weather, which by the way, the weather was absolutely amazing yet again!

there were pretty window boxes full of vibrant spring colors and flowers everywhere! I love this season!

the architecture was so rustic and well, historic....I just love how old things have so much more character.

We saw this little cafe advertising fried pickles (which I have never heard of much less eaten)....

...and we tried it...what the heck right? they were actually good...and I don't even like pickles....

...you can tell who liked them most...but to his defense this look is more like..." excuse me, while I down this pickle before my two year old snatches this one out of my hand!"....because truthfully, Luca loved them most....! He is a pickle man-child. He would have eaten the crumbs if I had let him.

The funny thing is, the people around us, though nice, looked at us like we ( I ) was crazy for taking pictures of fried pickles...well, ok I probably am...but geeezzz people not EVERYBODY has hear of and/or tried one...I mean I consider myself pretty southern if not border-line southern  but I haven't seen the depths of what the south has to offer....apparently.... no frog legs please..... :) Though, the Mr. would probably be all for it ahahahaha!

The outfit I wore was super comfy and though a little too light for the amount of wind there was...YIKES! it was the perfect comfy adventure outfit.... here are my outfit details:

earrings: thrifted
dress: Target
belt: NY&C
sandals: Target

anybody that knows me knows I love Target...but, with that said, I don't usually buy clothing there very often (for me that is)....not sure why, but I will say that my most comfiest outfits of all have come from Target almost every single time....I found this dress there on the sale racks...it was the last one and was marked down to like $7, who would not buy this?!?!?! I don't know but I scored nonetheless.

Tomorrow I will post part 2 of the weekend pics and maybe a couple other ditties.... For now, I think I'm gonna go relax with my fresh cup of coffee and watch some dvr'd shows....shock...I know, I do watch tv...but its usually with one eye open in a mini-mommy coma...ahahaha thank God for dvr...or the only thing I would ever watch is Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse....

Have a lovely Monday Night ♥

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