It happens.....

Sooooo.... I am posting tonight from my iPhone. Not because I think it is awesome .... (which it actually is pretty cool I can do that from a phone) but because my computer cord broke and no longer charges... Which means my laptop is dead. As in completely. Ughhhh! Not to fear! I will have a replacement in a couple days and, push comes shove, at least I know I can post from here! Today my little birdie turned 6 months old!!! We got him a little cake to celebrate so I plan on showing lots of adorable baby goodness when my cord gets here! Hope you are having a great night!

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Tara said...

Aww! Happy half birthday!

Sorry to hear about the laptop cord, it happened to me a few months after I got to Korea. Nothing makes you appreciate service in English more than having to order something over the phone with limited Korean skills, and your co-teacher trying to help.